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Riso India Began in….. Perfect Office Systems Pvt Ltd has been their partner since …. our years of experience in copier industry and our extensive work history with Copy shops, Printers, Printing press’s has made us the perfect partner when it comes to sales and service of these unique Digital Duplicators and Com Color Machines. Also our Countless Pre-existing customers in Schools, Colleges, Hospitals have realized that these Unique High Volume Printers are a huge help.

Riso Digital Duplicators

Riso Digital Duplicators are the printers that are specially made for Large volume Printing of documents at a rapid speed. these are mainly used for printing of Forms, Exam Papers, Flier’s, Invitations

Riso Com Color Machines

Riso Com Color Machines are the color printers that are specifically made for printing of large volume documents with high quality. these are mainly used for printing of books, manuals, Form booklets,

Riso Technology

This is the technology that enables Riso for its specialized Printers