Riso Digital Duplicator


CV Series

Simple and stylish

New design, smooth lines and a compact body result in reduced size and bulk, to fit in even a limited space.

The new operation panel is designed for intuitive operation, making it user-friendly.

The left-to-right keyboard layout provides fluent operation; for initial setting, master-making and printing.

The CV series' simple and stylish design makes changing the drum very easy.

EZ series


Versatility, quality and convenience

RISO EZ series digital duplicators offer lower running costs and higher printing speed to achieve greater expense reduction and productivity than photocopiers and printers can provide.

The top-tier EZ571 is a perfect example. With the highest resolution in its series, it can process large-batch printing to maximize efficiency in many ways, delivering everything from fixed-form documents to envelopes, cards, leaflets, educational materials and more.

Capability to print directly from a USB flash drive plus a large LCD touch panel also help ensure that you’re conveniently in control of getting the results you want.
The RISO EZ571 is the superior choice for handling all kinds of printing without hassle.

Digital Duplicator A superior choice from managers and operators perspective.

EZ 5 series, EZ 3 series, EZ 2 series, EZ 5/3/2 accessories Ez571 

KZ series

Fast, easy and versatile - the ultimate in low-cost high-quality printing

The RISO KZ30 breaks new ground in fast, economical, high-quality printing. Productivity is assured thanks to print speeds of up to 90 pages per minute, and the 500-sheet paper feed tray lets you carry out long print runs unattended.

The printer is environment-friendly too: there's no energy-intensive heater – which means no warm-up time – and there's a user-programmable sleep mode which puts the printer into low-power hibernation after a set period with no operation.

It's also Energy Star-compliant, so you're assured of the highest levels of environmental performance.

Operation is extremely economical, with the price of a single printed sheet little more than the cost of the paper. You also enjoy hands-clean operation with sealed ink cartridges that just twist into place. 

Versatility comes from compatibility with a wide range of paper weights from 50-128g/m2 and 4-step adjustment of paper feed pressure to match.

What's more, the KZ30 is compatible with a wide range of applications thanks to its 300 x 300dpi resolution, USB connectivity to a PC, 4-mode line processing function (Line, Photo, Duo and Pencil), 3-step enlargement/4-step reduction, 2-up printing and 6-memory program print.

Whether you're a school, an office or a commercial operation such as a print shop, you'll find it's the ideal printer for all your jobs. Best of all is the easy operation given by the large LED control panel, with dedicated buttons for each function allowing everybody to do beautiful printing with virtually no training.

Riso i Quality System

The RISO i Quality System offers a large number of  quality and convenience benefits among them are:

Automatic assurance of optimum print quality.

Prevention of operator error.

Warning of shortage in remaining ink master volume.

Minimized paper waste.